Nexans Titanex 90 H07RN-F Cables

The Nexans Titanex® 90 is a high quality industrial flexible cable with insulation and flexible outer sheath. The cable is oil resistant, flame retardant and ideal for use in building sites, outdoor events, products and other entertainment applications.

Installation: The cable can be installed in open air or buried (with additional mechanical protection)

Conductors Laid Up: Assembled Conductors

Operating Temperature: +60°C (mobile installation), +90°C (fixed protected installation), +250°C ( in short circuit)


International: EN 50525-2-21; HD 22.4; HD 516; IEC 60245-4 type 66
National: NF C 32-102-4

Permissible current rating is measured for an ambient temperature of 30°C and a maximum operating and conductor temperature of 90°C . For other temperature please refer to correction factors.

View the Nexans H07RN-F cable specification below.

Cable Properties

Conductor material Bare copper
Insulation: Special cross-linked elastomer
Outer sheath: Special cross-linked elastomer
Sheath colour: Black
Lead free: Yes

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical resistance to impacts: Very good
Cable flexibility: Flexibility

Usage Properties

Chemical resistance: Accidental
Waterproof: Good
RoHS: Yes
Operating temperature range: -25°c to +55°C
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature: 250°C
Oil resistance: Yes
Max. conductor temperature in service: 90°C

Cable Ordering

Code Description No. of Cores Conductor Cross-Section (mm2) Green / Yellow Core
70H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x70 1 70 No
95H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x95 1 95 No
120H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x120 1 120 No
150H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x150 1 150 No
185H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x185 1 185 No
240H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x240 1 240 No
300H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 1x300 1 300 No
2x1.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 2x1.5 2 1.5 No
2x2.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 2x25 2 25 No
2x4H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 2x4 2 4 No
3X1.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 3G1.5 3 1.5 Yes
3X10H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 3G10 3 10 Yes
3X16H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 3G16 3 16 Yes
3X2.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 3G2.5 3 2.5 Yes
3X25H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 3G25 3 25 Yes
3X6H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 3G6 3 6 Yes
4X1.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 4G1.5 4 1.5 Yes
4X10H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 4G10 4 10 Yes
4X2.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 4G2.5 4 2.5 Yes
4X25H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 4G25 4 25 Yes
4X4H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 4G4 4 4 Yes
4X6H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 4G6 4 6 Yes
5X1.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 5G1.5 5 1.5 Yes
5X10H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 5G10 5 10 Yes
5X16H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 5G16 5 16 Yes
5X2.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 5G2.5 5 2.5 Yes
5X4H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 5G4 5 4 Yes
5X6H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 5G6 5 6 Yes
7X1.5H07 H07RN-F TITANEX 7G1.5 7 1.5 Yes

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