NSSHCGEÖU (Z) Reinforced version Mining Cable

NSSHCGEÖU (Z) Reinforced version Mining Cable

Cable Features

  • Ozone and moisture resistance
  • outdoors/indoors use
  • MSHA, GOST-R and WUG approvals on request

Cable Construction

Conductor: Flexible tinned copper conductor Cl. 5,
acc to IEC 60228, DIN VDE 0295
Earth Conductor: concentric copper steel wires, braided armour
Insulation: rubber EPR type 3G13
Colour cores: acc. to DIN VDE 0293-308, HD 308 S2
3 phase cores: brown-black-grey
Monitoring conductor: copper and steel covered
with semi-conductive rubber
Screen: steel/copper braid vulcanized between
inner and outer sheath
Stranding: three or main cores placed,
with double-concentric control and monitoring
conductor elements in the outer interstice
Inner sheath: EPR compound GM1b
Outer sheath: YELLOW PCP compound 5GM1

Technical Details

Temperature range:
Fixed installation: – 40°C + 80°C
Flexible installation: – 25°C + 60°C
Nominal voltage: Uo/U 0.6/1 kV
Test voltage: 3000 V
Operating voltage: A.C. Uo/U = 0.7/1.2 kV max.D.C. Uo/U = 0.9/1.8 kV max.
Min. bending radius: 4 x d
Fire resistant: DIN VDE 0482, EN/IEC 60332-1-2
Oil resistance: DIN VDE 0473, part 811-2-1, par. 10,
EN 60811-2-1, IEC EN 60811-1-2

Ordering Information

No. of cores
x cross section n x mm2
Outer-Ø ca.
mm ± 10%
Copper weight kg/km Cable weight approx. kg/km Braid-tensile strength
AWG no.*)
3×16+3x(1.5 ST KON + 16/3 KON) 42.5 2770 55000 6
3×25/16 KON +3x(1.5 ST KON/1.5 ÜL KON) 43.5 3050 55000 4
3×35/16 KON +3x(1.5 ST KON/1.5 ÜL KON) 43.5 3265 55000 2
3×50/25 KON +3x(1.5 ST KON/1.5 ÜL KON) 49.5 4490 80000 1
3×70/35 KON +3x(1.5 ST KON/1.5 ÜL KON) 54.7 5640 80000 2/0
3×95/50 KON +3x(1.5 ST KON/1.5 ÜL KON) 62.5 7230 110000 3/0

Other construction and sizes are available on request

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