Nexans U-1000 RVFV Power Cable

Nexans U-1000 RVFV Power Cable

An armoured low voltage power cable with XLPE insulation and PVC outer sheath. They are ideal for either fixed or direct buried installation or on cable trays or ducts where mechanical protection is necessary (bursting risk).

Stranding: Cores stranded with filler
Marking: U-1000 RVFV NF-USE N°
Usine S.Y+ n (x ou G) s mm²

n = number of cores

s = section in mm²

G = with Green-Yellow

x = without Green-Yellow
Standards: National XP C 32-322
Cable Conductor: Bare copper
Cable Insulation: XLPE (chemical)
Inner Sheath: PVC watertight sheath
Armour type: Two steel tapes
Outer sheath: PVC
Lead Free: Yes
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um): 0.6/1 kV
Mechanical Impact Resistance: Excellent
Flexibility: Rigid
Flame retardant: C2, NF C 32-070
Chemical resistance: Accidental
Weather resistance: Very good
Waterproof: Intermittent
Max. conductor temperature in service: 90°C
Operating temperature range -10 to 60 °C
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature 250 °C

Core Identification

No. of Cores HD 308 S2
G (earth core) x (without earth core)
Black (preferential)
Blue + Brown
3* Green / Yellow + Blue + Brown Brown + Black + Grey
Blue + Brown + Black
4 Green / Yellow + Brown + Black + Grey Blue + Brown + Black + Grey
5 Green / Yellow + Blue + Brown + Black + Grey Blue + Brown + Black + Grey + Black

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