Prysmian Cordaflex (SMK)-V (N)SHTOEU

Prysmian Cordaflex SMK-VVertical Reeling Cable

A flexible reeling cable for very high stresses and vertical reeling operation (spreader application) ideal for mining, ports inside and out and other applications where movement and reeling is required.  Manufactured to DIN VDE 0250, Part 814; GOST R.

Cable Specifications

Conductor Electrolytic copper tinned, very finely stranded class FS
Insulation Special compound provides very high stability, best insulation resistance and excellent glidingcharacteristic
Shield Braid screen made of tinned copper wires
Transfer impedance optimized at 30 MHz
Surface covered:
at least 60%: for shielded cores
at least 80%: for twisted pairs
Core Identification black coloured insulation with light printed numbers,
earth­ conductor green / ­yellow coloured
Core arrangement Laid­ up in a maximum of 3 layers
Support element Central Aramide support element to increase the loading capability, the kN value designates the breaking load of the support element
Sheath – PROTOFIRM: inner sheath
high grade special compound based on PCP,
colour: yellow
– Anti-­torsion braid
Reinforced braid made of polyester threads, in a vulcanized bond between the sheath.Resulting in a high strength of the sheath system.
– PROTOFIRM special: outer sheath
high grade special compound with best performance against abrasion and top tear resistantcharacteristics; based on PCP,
colour: yellow
Marking CORDAFLEX (SMK)­V (N)SHTOEU­J/­O (number of cores)x(cross­section)

Electrical Specifications

Rated voltage Uo/U = 0.6/1 kV
Maximum permissible operating voltage in AC systems Uo/U = 0.7/1.2 kV
Maximum permissible operating voltage in DC systems Uo/U = 0.9/1.8 kV
AC test voltage 3.5 kV, 5 min
Current­ carrying capacity According to DIN VDE 0298, Part 4
Bus compatibility With special elements: ASI­Bus, Profibus, CAN­Bus, Industrial Ethernet
Alternativ: Fibre optics for transmitting all bus protocols

Thermal Specifications

Ambient temperature
– Fully flexible operation – 35°C to +80°C
– Fixed installation – 50°C to +80°C
Maximum permissible operating temperature of
the conductor
Short­ circuit temperature of the conductor 200°C

Mechanical Specifications

Tensile load increased tensile load through addtional support elements (see chart)
Torsional stresses +/­ 50°/m
Minimum bending radii According to DIN VDE 0298, Part 3
Minimum distance with S-­type directional changes 20xD
Hoist (vertical reeling) Up to 240 m/min.
It is recommended to consult the manufacturer at speeds above 240 m/min.
Additional tests Reversed bending test, roller bending test, torsional stress test

Chemical Specifications

Resistance to oil DIN VDE 0473, Part 811­2­1, Para. 10
Weather resistance Unrestricted use outdoors and indoors, resistant to ozone, UV and moisture
Water compatibility Given and verified in long­term tests

Ordering Information

No. of Core and
Nominal Cross Section
Part No. Main conductor Diam. Overall Diam or cable
Min. Value
Overall Diam of Cable
Max. Value
Approx net weight for
Max. permissible
tensile force
mm mm mm kg/km N
CORDAFLEX (SMK)­V  (N)SHTOEU control cables
49×1 (20kN) 5DH3 291 1.3 26.6 29.6 1260 3200
24×2,5 (20kN) 5DH3 295 2.0 26.2 29.2 1340 3600
30×2,5 (20kN) 5DH3 296 2.0 29.4 32.4 1680 4100
44×2,5 (20kN) 5DH3 298 2.0 34.1 37.1 2280 5100
56×2,5 (20kN) 5DH3 290 2.0 40.1 43.1 3030 6000
CORDAFLEX (SMK)­V (N)SHTOEU composite control cables      
42×12 AWG+3LWL(20 kN) 5DH3 282 2.0 38.7 41.7 2940 4950
45×2,5+(4×0,5)C 5DH3 286 2.0 42.9 45.9 2830 5175

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