ABB ACS310 Drive

The ABB ACS310 Standard DrivesACS310 products from 0.37 to 22 kW / 0.5 to 30 hp supply voltage 200 to 480 V.

ABB standard drives, ACS310, are dedicated to variable torque applications such as booster pumps and centrifugal fans.

The drive design includes a powerful set of features which benefit pump and fan applications including built in PID controllers and PFC (pump and fan control) that varies the drive's performance in response to changes in pressure, flow or other external data. The drives also have pre-programmed protection functions such as pipe cleaning for preventive maintenance.

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ABB ACS310 Technical Specification

ABB Type Designation: ACS310-03E-25A4-4
Country of Origin: China (CN)
Mounting Type: Wall-mounted
Enclosure Class: IP20
Frequency: 48...63 Hz48...63 Hz
Input Voltage: 380-480 V380-480 V
Invoice Description: ACS310-03E-25A4-4Pn 11, I2n 25,4A IP20
Made To Order: No
Number of Phases: 3 phase
Order Multiple: 1.000 piece
Output Current, Normal Use: 25.4 A25.4 A
Output Power, Normal Use: 11.0 kW15.0 Hp
Product Height: 344.000 mm
Product Length: 217.000 mm
Product Main Type: ACS310
Product Name: Frequency converter
Product Net Weight: 3.600 kg
Product Series: ACS310
Product Width: 226.000 mm
Stocked At (Warehouses): Unit 4
Technical Information: EMC filter connected

Technical Data Information

Ratings       Type designation   Frame   
PN  PN I2N 1) ILD 2)  size
kW  hp         
1-phase supply voltage 200 to 240V units
0.37 0.5 2.4 2.3 ACS310-01X-02A4-2 R0
0.75 1.0 4.7 4.5 ACS310-01X-04A7-2 R1
1.1 1.5 6.7 6.5 ACS310-01X-06A7-2 R1
1.5 2.0 7.5 7.2 ACS310-01x-07A5-2 R2
2.2 3.0 9.8 9.4 ACS310-01x-09A8-2 R2
3-phase supply voltage 200 to 240 V units
0.37 0.5 2.6 2.4 ACS310-03X-02A6-2 R0
0.55 0.75 3.9 3.5 ACS310-03X-03A9-2 R0
0.75 1 5.2 4.7 ACS310-03X-05A2-2 R1
1.1  1.5 7.4 6.7 ACS310-03X-07A4-2 R1
1.5  2  8.3 7.5 ACS310-03X-08A3-2 R1
2.2  3 10.8 9.8 ACS310-03X-10A8-2 R2
3 4 14.6 13.3 ACS310-03X-14A6-2 R2
4 5 19.4 17.6 ACS310-03X-19A4-2 R2
5.5 7.5 26.8 24.4 ACS310-03X-26A8-2 R3
7.5 10 34.1 31.0 ACS310-03X-34A1-2 R4
11 15 50.8 46.2 ACS310-03X-50A8-2 R4
3-phase supply voltage 380 to 480 V units
0.37 0.5 1.3 1.2 ACS310-03X-01A3-4 R0
0.55 0.75 2.1 1.9 ACS310-03X-02A1-4 R0
0.75  1 2.6 2.4 ACS310-03X-02A6-4 R1
1.1 1.5  3.6 3.3 ACS310-03X-03A6-4 R1
1.5 2  4.5 4.1 ACS310-03X-04A5-4 R1
2.2 3 6.2 5.6 ACS310-03X-06A2-4 R1
3 4 8.0 7.3 ACS310-03X-08A0-4 R1
4 5 9.7 8.8 ÂACS310-03X-0A7-4 R1
5.5 7.5 13.8 12.5 ACS310-03X-13A8-4 R3
7.5 10 17.2 15.6 ACS310-03X-17A2-4 R3
11 15 25.4 23.1 ACS310-03X-25A4-4 R3
15 20 34.1 31 ACS310-03X-034A-4 R4
18.5 25 41.8 38 ACS310-03X-41A8-4 R4
22 30 48.4 44 ACS310-03X-48A4-4 R4

1) I2N maximum continuous output current at ambient temperature of +40 °C.

No overloadability, derating 1% for every additional 1 °C up to 50 °C.

2) ILD continuous output current at max ambient temperature of +50 °C.

10% overloadability for one minute every ten minutes.

Typical Applications

The ACS310 drive is specically designed to meet the variable torque loads demanded by centrifugal fans and pumps. The result is maximum application uptime, reduced maintenance cost and higher energy savings.

A booster pump system is designed to boost supplied water pressure to a predetermined level in water and waste water plants. The ACS310 drive features pump and fan control (PFC) for use where several parallel pumps are operated together and the required rate is variable.

PID control is available to allow the process to accurately maintain a pressure set point by adjusting the control outputs, thus allowing for precise control within difficult processes. A sleep & boost function detects slow rotation and runs the pump to boost pressure prior to shut down. The pressure is continuously monitored and pumping restarts when the pressure falls below the minimum level.

Irrigation systems, whether agricultural, horticultural or those used on golf courses, have a common demand for a reliable and effïcient flow of water.

The built-in real-time clock provides true time and date stamps that control the start and stop times of watering based on the daily demand profile. Soft pipe provides a pump with soft-start, enabling a smooth build-up of  in pipes while increasing the life time of the pipe work and pumping system.

Level control is used to adjust the filling or emptying of storage tanks. Storage tanks may be located within processes such as pulp and paper for supplying process fluids like wastewater.  The drive has signal supervision for level control and a pipe cleaning feature, thereby preventing solids from building up on pumps impellers or the tank walls.

Storage tanks are often mounted in narrow locations, with limited space for components like AC drives. The compact size and various mounting methods of the ACS310 drives enables easy installation and space savings in new installations and refurbs.

Wood drying kilns have a high demand for powerful and effïcient ventilation to dry out the wood. In wood kilns centrifugal fans and AC drives are used to control the air demand. To increase the kilns capacity, multiple fans may be controlled via one drive by using the pump and fan control (PFC) feature. At the start of the drying process, the relative humidity is high thus there is a demand for higher air flow rates. As the wood dries out the auxiliary fans may shut-down, thereby saving energy use and reducing maintenance.

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