ABB ACH580 HVAC Drives

ABB ACH580-01 HVAC DrivesABB ACH580-01, 0.75kW to 250kW

Launched in June 2016, the ACH580 is a successor to the popular workhorse the ACH550 drive and builds on its success with new standards for simplicity of use and reliability:

  • Simple to select, install and use – All essential needs such as chokes for reducing harmonics, EMC filters, IP55 and IP21 enclosures with the same footprint, cabling clamps and native BACnet communications are built into the drive simplifying selection, installation and commissioning
  • Guaranteed efficiency levels –  The drive collaborates directly with the motor to provide up-to-date energy efficiency information that helps you save energy in your applications, while monitoring just how much it is that you have saved
  • Any motor, any application – Whether you utilize traditional AC induction motors, PM motors or want to take your efficiency to the next step with the ACH580 drive and energy- efficient IE4 SynRM motor package, we can deliver the best performance in the most energy efficient manner possible
  • I/O capabilities – Never be without back-up I/O points on the jobsite again; take advantage of the added flexibility and accessibility offered by pass through I/O
  • Seamless integration on your terms – When you walk by the new HVAC control panel it will show you the status of the drive on a customised home view, only displaying the information you need. Primary settings communicate in the languages that you and your system understand. Additionally, there’s a real time clock with back-up battery and built-in help menus assist you through any questions you may have
  • On the job site – The Hand-Off-Auto enabled control panel, ensures that all control and flexibility in the drive’s operation is available to users natively without external switches and buttons. It allows you to gain quick access to related settings through the I/O menu and add information to I/O signals or customize fault and warning messages.

ABB ACH580 HVAC Motor ControlEnergy Efficient Motor Control

The ABB ACH580 drives control any type of AC Motor for HVAC including induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors. More than that though, this drive family was designed to outperform any type of motor control platform by offering guaranteed efficiency packages with the most comprehensive and reliable set of capabilities.

The ACH580’s harmonic choke lowers harmonics across all partial loads of the drive. Communications capabilities include both native BACnet and every other HVAC protocols required on the market. The built-in energy optimizer creates the optimum flux inside a motor for a balance between energy consumption and fast dynamic response at partial loads. Harmonic choke lowers harmonics across all partial loads of the drive. There is not an HVAC application or motor that we cannot control simply and efficiently.

Induction motors and the ACH580 form a reliable combination – Induction motors are used throughout the industry in many HVAC applications and in a wide range of environments. ACH580 drives fit perfectly together with this type of motor by providing comprehensive functionality yet simple operation. IE3 motors and the VSD provides a perfect foundation for energy efficiency, while delivering capabilities such as exceeding nominal motor speed when maximum power is needed.

IE4 synchronous reluctance motors and the ACH580 for optimized energy efficiency –  The drive and motor pairings guarantees your energy efficiency levels. The key is in the rotor design. Combining the ACH580’s control technology with the synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM) will give you a motor and a drive package that guarantees energy efficiency, reduces motor temperatures and provides a significant reduction in motor noise.

ABB HVAC ACH580 CommunicationsABB ACH580 Communications

Embedded HVAC communications protocols reduce wiring costs and additional components. There are no added price tags, no unnecessary selections. You are able to control applications, report findings, read and write I/O settings and perform diagnostics natively through embedded BACnet MS/TP and other HVAC protocols. There’s no need to retrain your teams for different features or terminology. You’d hardly even notice a difference from any controller to the ACH580 drive.

Loop controllers standard –  The drive provides a PID loop controller with two configuration sets, which can be configured for fine- tuned control of motors, fans and pumps in HVAC applications. It also provides four external PID loop controllers that can be used for separate external devices such as dampers for variable air volume or valves for cooling and heating.

Wireless connectivity – With a Bluetooth enabled keypad, you can commission, start, stop, monitor and reset faults all from devices that you’re already comfortable with such as phones and tablets.

Native BACnet/IP option – Just like BACnet MS/TP, there are no gateways or routers necessary. This additional 2-port option reduces points of failure and saves time on configuration.

Click to download the complete ABB ACH580 drive data sheet.

View the conversion chart for the old ABB ACH550 v new ACH580.

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