ABB ACS880 Single Drive

ABB ACS880 DriveWall-mounted single drives

The ACS880 single drive is all-compatible wall-mounted and come in nine frames sizes (R1 to R9), including a wide range of standard features. Enclosure classes extend from IP20, IP21 to IP55 for dusty and wet environments.

The wall-mounted single drives are compatible with industries such as oil and gas, mining metals, chemicals, cement, and power plants, material handling, pulp and paper. They can be customized to applications such as cranes extruders, winches, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans.

The ACS880 series drives are part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. Compatible with virtually all types of processes, automation systems, users and business requirements they are designed to tackle any motor-driven application, in any industry, whatever the power range. The innovation behind all-compatibility is our new drives architecture that simplifies operation, optimizes energy efficiency and helps maximize process output. The ACS880 series consists of single drives, multidrives and drive modules.

The all-compatible drives are designed to provide customers across industries and applications with unprecedented levels of compatibility and flexibility.

Our ACS880 single drives are stand alone drives. They are customized to meet the precise needs of industries such as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, cement, power plants, material handling, pulp and paper, sawmills and marine. They control a wide range of applications such as cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans.

The drives feature the following to achieve this compatibility:

  • Intuitive human-machine interface
  • Startup and maintenance tool
  • Communication with all major automation networks
  • Flexible product configurations
  • Extended connectivity
  • Drive application programming
  • Wide range of safety features
  • Direct torque control (DTC)
  • Application control programs
  • Removable memory unit
  • Energy efficiency
  • Remote monitoring
  • Drive-to-drive link

ABB ACS880 Drive SelectionDrive Selection

Many of the features for the ACS880 single drives are built-in as standard, making selection easy. A wide range of options are available to optimize the drive for different requirements. To choose the right drive for your application, please refer to the rating tables on page 12, 13, 15 and 16 or use ABB’s DriveSize dimensioning tool. The selected drive has a unique type designation, which identifies the drive by construction, power and voltage range. The options are added to the type designation with a plus code. Build up your own ordering code using the type designation key or contact your local ABB drives sales office and let them know your needs/requirements.

Click to download the ABB ACS880 Brochure PDF

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