Carlo Gavazzi Timers and Relays

Carlo Gavazzi DPA51CM44CSE is franchised for one of the largest ranges of special function Monitoring Relays and Electronic Timers from Carlo Gavazzi.  Below, are three of the most popular products, all sharing the same Mini D-Housing (81h x 17.5w x 67.2d).  All DIN Rail mounting.

DMB51CM24 Multifunction Timer

  • Selectable Time Ranges 0.1s to 100h
  • 7 Selectable functions
Op Delay on Dr Delay on release
In Interval R Symmetrical recycler ON first
lo Interval on trigger open Rb Symmetrical recycler OFF first.
ld Double Interval

  • Automatic or manual start
  • Output 8A S.P.D.T. Relay
  • Supply 24V DC and 24 to 240V AC
  • LED indication for relay and power ON

3 Phase Voltage Relays

DPA01CM44 Phase sequence, total and partial phase loss 208-480VAC 8A / 250VAC 5A / 24VDC
DPA51CM44 Phase sequence, total and partial phase loss 208-480VAC 5A / 250VAC 5A / 24VDC
DPC01DM48 Over and under voltage monitoring with phase loss/ phase sequence and asymmetry 380-480VAC 8A / 250VAC 5A / 24VDC

Star Delta Timer DAC51.CM24

  • Supply 24V DC and 24V to 240V Dc
  • Knob selection of Star time range (0.1 to 600s)
  • Knob selection for dwell between Star and Delta (50 to 130mS)
  • Automatic start
  • Output 8A S.P.D.T. relay with neutral centre positions
  • LED indication for relay and power ON.
Part Ref Description
DMB51CM24 Multi Timer
DAC51CM24 Star Delta Timer
DPA51CM44 Monitoring Relay

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