Kraus and Naimer Stainless Steel Enclosed Isolators IP65

Kraus and Naimer IP65 Stainless Steel Isolators

  • Enclosed Isolators – A range of enclosed 3, 4 and 6 pole Stainless Steel Main / Emergency-Off switches suitable for use as Local Isolators. (particularly suitable for food production areas)..
  • Grade S316 Stainless Steel enclosure material.
  • Padlockable red and yellow handle. (black handle available to order)
  • Earth terminal and lid earthing link included
  • Switch interlocked with lid to prevent opening in ‘on’ position (optional extra for 20amp / 32amp 3 / 4 pole)
  • External mounting brackets included with type SB8 & SB9 enclosure.

Enclosed Switch Ratings

  • Rated Operational Power:
  • Category AC23A, 3 Phase, 380-440V 50/60 Hz.  Expressed in (KW).
  • Category AC21A at max 690V. Expressed in (A).
Ie AC21A Order Ref…. 3 Pole Order Ref….3 Pole+ Aux ENCL. REF
20A KG 10 T203/GBA409*SB1 KG 10 T203/GBA458*SB1 SB1
25A KG 20 T203/GBA409*SB1 KG 20 T203/GBA459*SB1 SB1
32A KG 32 T203/GBA409*SB1 KG 32 T203/GBA459*SB1 SB1
40A KG 41 T203/GBA409*SB2 KG 41 T203/GBA459*SB2 SB2
55A KG 64 T203/GBA409*SB2 KG 64 T203/GBA459*SB2 SB2
80A KG 80 T203/GBA409*SB3 KG 80 T203/GBA459*SB3 SB3
100A KG100 T203/GBA409*SB3 KG100 T203/GBA459*SB3 SB3
KG126 T203/GBA460*SB8 SB8
KG161 T203/GBA460*SB8 SB8
KG251 T203/GBA450*SB9 SB9
KG316 T203/GBA450*SB9 SB9
Ie AC21A Order Ref…. 4 Pole Order Ref….4 Pole+ Aux ENCL. REF
20A KG 10 T204/GBA509*SB1 KG 10 T204/GBA558*SB1 SB1
25A KG 20 T204/GBA509*SB1 KG 20 T204/GBA559*SB1 SB1
32A KG 32 T204/GBA509*SB1 KG 32 T204/GBA559*SB1 SB1
40A KG 41 T204/GBA509*SB2 KG 41 T204/GBA559*SB2 SB2
55A KG 64 T204/GBA509*SB2 KG 64 T204/GBA559*SB2 SB2
80A KG 80 T204/GBA509*SB3 KG 80 T204/GBA559*SB3 SB3
100A KG100 T204/GBA509*SB3 KG100 T204/GBA559*SB3 SB3
KG126 T204/GBA560*SB8 SB8
KG161 T204/GBA560*SB8 SB8
KG251 T204/GBA560*SB9 SB9
KG316 T204/GBA550*SB9 SB9

Ie AC21A Order Ref…. 6 Pole Order Ref….6 Pole+ Aux ENCL. REF
25A KG20B T206/GBA609*SB2 KG20BT206/GBA659*SB2 SB2
32A KG32B T206/GBA609*SB2 KG32BT206/GBA659*SB2 SB2
40A KG41B T206/GBA609*SB3 KG41BT206/GBA659*SB3 SB3
63A KG64B T206/GBA609*SB3 KG64BT206/GBA659*SB3 SB3
80A KG 80  T206/GBA609*SB4 KG 80 T206/GBA659*SB4 SB4
100A KG100 T206/GBA609*SB4 KG100T206/GBA659*SB4 SB4
KG126T206/GBA660*SB9 SB9
KG161T206/GBA660*SB9 SB9

Click for the Kraus and Naimer enclosed switches brochure.

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