ABB Isolators

ABB E200 Isolators

ABB E200 Isolators are used in conjunction with the S250 range of ABB MCB‘s.

  • Forced opening and suitable for use as main switch.
  • High short circuit withstanding capacity.
  • Optimal protection against unintentional touch of live parts.
  • Dual-function terminals
  • Quick mounting clip,lockable in open position.
  • Same form and design as MCB Series S2.
  • The harmonised design enables interconnection of switch-isolators and MCBs of the Series S2 with busbars.
  • The switch-isolators are equipped with dual-function terminals which enable simultaneous connection of conductors and busbar.
  • Cross-/ slotted-head screws size 2, system Pozidriv, enable easy, reliable and time-saving wiring.
  • Facility for sealing or padlocking in closed or isolated position.
  • Internal connection of switching mechanisms ensures simultaneous switching even without toggle linkage
  • Standards : IEC60947-3
  • Pole : 2, 3, 4
Double Pole Switch Disconnectors Order Code
63A rated Current (2 module) E202/63R
100A rated current E202/100R
125A rated current E202/125R
63A rated current (3 module) E203/63R
100A rated current (3 module) E203/100R
125A rated current (3 module) E203R125
63A rated current (4 module) E204-63R
100A rated current (4 module) E204-100R
125A rated current (4 module) E204-125R

Click here for the ABB Isolators E200 PDF

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