ABB System pro M RCBO DS202 C

ABB System Pro M DS202C RCBO's

The DS202C series combines protection against earth-fault current and over current in a single device, guaranteeing high breaking capacities (6 kA with DS202C and 10 kA with DS202C M), in compliance with the IEC/EN 61009 standard.

With just two modules the DS202C range meets all protection needs, offering choice between 2 different characteristics (B and C) and, for each of these, among 7 rated currents (6, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, and 32 A). B characteristic allows the protection of very long lines, such as those of the singlephase terminal circuits.

All the DS202C devices are type A, for alternating current and/or pulsating current with DC components, suitable for installations with loads manufactured with electronic devices for rectifying current or choking of voltage and current (speed, time, light intensity, etc.). The DS202C offering also includes the APR version, with higher protection against unwanted trippings due to surge generated, for instance, by lightning, operations on the distribution networks, disturbances, etc.

Current (A) 30mA Sensitivity 100mA 300mA
Two Pole 63A DDA202AC63-30 DDA202AC63-100 DDA202AC63-300
Three Pole 63A DDA203AC63-30 DDA203AC63-300
Four Pole 63A DDA204AC63-30 DDA204AC63-300

Click for the ABB PDF of the RCBO DS202

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