ABB System proM RCBO DS271

ABB DS 271 RCCBThis range is now Obsolete. Please see the conversion chart at the bottom of this page to cross reference to the new DSE range.

Single pole and solid neutral RCBO DS271 series, rating 6 to 32A, BS EN 61009-2-2, Class AC


The ABB DS 271 residual current circuit breakers with integral overcurrent protection (RCBO) combines the functions of a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) in a compact space saving 17.5 mm module.

It provides supplementary earth leakage protection for individual circuits in order to protect people from the risk of electrocution and fires caused by electrical faults while also providing overcurrent protection for equipment and cables.

The ABB DS271 RCBO is designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 61009 and features a single pole and solid neutral and is supplied with an 800mm flying neutral lead. They have an operating voltage of 230 V and are ideally suited for installation in consumer units, such as ABB’s new Housemaster range, or for use in distribution boards, and will also snap-on to DIN rails to IEC 60715.

The RCBO covers a range of six rated currents from 6A up to 32A and is available in two fixed levels of sensitivity of either 10 mA or 30 mA. It is available in tripping curves B and C in accordance with BE EN 60898 and as standard is of Type AC operation.

Devices of A Type operation are available to order.

Technical Data

  • BS EN 61009-2-2 Class AC device
  • Current ratings 6 to 32A
  • Rated voltage 230V AC
  • Breaking capacity 10kA to BS EN 60898
  • Maximum service voltage 253V AC
  • Minimum service voltage 195V AC
  • Service life at least 5,000 switching cycles
  • Lockable in On or Off position
  • Supplied with 800mm flying neutral and functional earth leads
  • Outgoing cable size 10mm2
  • Weight 0.125g

DS271 blocks. BS EN 61009

Single module width RCBO 17.5mm

Current (A) Sensitivity 6 kA 10kA
6 30mA DS671AC-B6 / 0.03 DS271AC-C6 / 0.03
10 30mA DS671AC-B10 / 0.03 DS271AC-C10 / 0.03
16 30mA DS671AC-B16 / 0.03 DS271AC-C16 / 0.03
20 30mA DS671AC-B20 / 0.03 DS271AC-C20 / 0.03
25 30mA DS671AC-B25 / 0.03 DS271AC-C25 / 0.03
32 30mA DS671AC-B32 / 0.03 DS271AC-C32 / 0.03

Click for an ABB PDF of the DS271 and DS261.

Cross reference to the new DSE range

New code DSE201M Short Code / Search Code GBCON Description Type Old code DS271 Old Short Code / Search Code
2CSR275051R1065 DSE201 M B6 AC30 DSE201MB6AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1065 DS271 AC-B6/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1105 DSE201 M B10 AC30 DSE201MB10AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1105 DS271 AC-B10/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1165 DSE201 M B16 AC30 DSE201MB16AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1165 DS271 AC-B16/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1205 DSE201 M B20 AC30 DSE201MB20AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1205 DS271 AC-B20/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1255 DSE201 M B25 AC30 DSE201MB25AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1255 DS271 AC-B25/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1325 DSE201 M B32 AC30 DSE201MB32AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1325 DS271 AC-B32/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1405 DSE201 M B40 AC30 DSE201MB40AC30 Type AC 30mA

2CSR275051R1505 DSE201 M B50 AC30 DSE201MB50AC30 Type AC 30mA

2CSR275051R1064 DSE201 M C6 AC30 DSE201MC6AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1064 DS271 AC-C6/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1104 DSE201 M C10 AC30 DSE201MC10AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1104 DS271 AC-C10/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1164 DSE201 M C16 AC30 DSE201MC16AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1164 DS271 AC-C16/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1204 DSE201 M C20 AC30 DSE201MC20AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1204 DS271 AC-C20/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1254 DSE201 M C25 AC30 DSE201MC25AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1254 DS271 AC-C25/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1324 DSE201 M C32 AC30 DSE201MC32AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1324 DS271 AC-C32/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1404 DSE201 M C40 AC30 DSE201MC40AC30 Type AC 30mA 2CSR175092R1404 DS271 AC-C40/0,03 ELN
2CSR275051R1504 DSE201 M C50 AC30 DSE201MC50AC30 Type AC 30mA

2CSR275151R1065 DSE201 M B6 A30 DSE201MC6A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1065 DS271 A-B6/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1105 DSE201 M B10 A30 DSE201MB10A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1105 DS271 A-B10/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1165 DSE201 M B16 A30 DSE201MB16A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1165 DS271 A-B16/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1205 DSE201 M B20 A30 DSE201MB20A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1205 DS271 A-B20/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1255 DSE201 M B25 A30 DSE201MB25A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1255 DS271 A-B25/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1325 DSE201 M B32 A30 DSE201MB32A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1325 DS271 A-B32/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1405 DSE201 M B40 A30 DSE201MB40A30 Type A 30mA

2CSR275151R1505 DSE201 M B50 A30 DSE201MB50A30 Type A 30mA

2CSR275151R1064 DSE201 M C6 A30 DSE201MC6A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1064 DS271 A-C6/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1104 DSE201 M C10 A30 DSE201MC10A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1104 DS271 A-C10/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1164 DSE201 M C16 A30 DSE201MC16A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1164 DS271 A-C16/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1204 DSE201 M C20 A30 DSE201MC20A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1204 DS271 A-C20/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1254 DSE201 M C25 A30 DSE201MC25A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1254 DS271 A-C25/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1324 DSE201 M C32 A30 DSE201MC32A30 Type A 30mA 2CSR175192R1324 DS271 A-C32/0,03 ELN
2CSR275151R1404 DSE201 M C40 A30 DSE201MC40A30 Type A 30mA

2CSR275151R1504 DSE201 M C50 A30 DSE201MC50A30 Type A 30mA

2CSR275051R0065 DSE201 M B6 AC10 DSE201MB6AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0065 DS271 AC-B6/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0105 DSE201 M B10 AC10 DSE201MB10AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0105 DS271 AC-B10/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0165 DSE201 M B16 AC10 DSE201MB16AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0165 DS271 AC-B16/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0205 DSE201 M B20 AC10 DSE201MB20AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0205 DS271 AC-B20/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0255 DSE201 M B25 AC10 DSE201MB25AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0255 DS271 AC-B25/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0325 DSE201 M B32 AC10 DSE201MB32AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0325 DS271 AC-B32/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0405 DSE201 M B40 AC10 DSE201MB40AC10 Type AC 10mA

2CSR275051R0505 DSE201 M B50 AC10 DSE201MB50AC10 Type AC 10mA

2CSR275051R0064 DSE201 M C6 AC10 DSE201MC6AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0064 DS271 AC-C6/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0104 DSE201 M C10 AC10 DSE201MC10AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0104 DS271 AC-C10/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0164 DSE201 M C16 AC10 DSE201MC16AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0164 DS271 AC-C16/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0204 DSE201 M C20 AC10 DSE201MC20AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0204 DS271 AC-C20/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0254 DSE201 M C25 AC10 DSE201MC25AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0254 DS271 AC-C25/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0324 DSE201 M C32 AC10 DSE201MC32AC10 Type AC 10mA 2CSR175092R0324 DS271 AC-C32/0.01 ELN
2CSR275051R0404 DSE201 M C40 AC10 DSE201MC40AC10 Type AC 10mA

2CSR275051R0504 DSE201 M C50 AC10 DSE201MC50AC10 Type AC 10mA

2CSR275151R0065 DSE201 M B6 A10 DSE201MB6A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0065 DS271 A-B6/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0105 DSE201 M B10 A10 DSE201MB10A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0105 DS271 A-B10/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0165 DSE201 M B16 A10 DSE201MB16A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0165 DS271 A-B16/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0205 DSE201 M B20 A10 DSE201MB20A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0205 DS271 A-B20/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0255 DSE201 M B25 A10 DSE201MB25A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0255 DS271 A-B25/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0325 DSE201 M B32 A10 DSE201MB32A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0325 DS271 A-B32/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0405 DSE201 M B40 A10 DSE201MB40A10 Type A 10mA

2CSR275151R0505 DSE201 M B50 A10 DSE201MB50A10 Type A 10mA

2CSR275151R0064 DSE201 M C6 A10 DSE201MC6A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0064 DS271 A-C6/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0104 DSE201 M C10 A10 DSE201MC10A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0104 DS271 A-C10/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0164 DSE201 M C16 A10 DSE201MC16A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0164 DS271 A-C16/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0204 DSE201 M C20 A10 DSE201MC20A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0204 DS271 A-C20/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0254 DSE201 M C25 A10 DSE201MC25A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0254 DS271 A-C25/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0324 DSE201 M C32 A10 DSE201MC32A10 Type A 10mA 2CSR175192R0324 DS271 A-C32/0.01 ELN
2CSR275151R0404 DSE201 M C40 A10 DSE201MC40A10 Type A 10mA

2CSR275151R0504 DSE201 M C50 A10 DSE201MC50A10 Type A 10mA

2CSR275051R2064 DSE201 M C6 AC100 DSE201MC6AC100 Type AC 100mA 2CSR175092R2064 DS271 AC-B6/0.1 ELN
2CSR275051R2104 DSE201 M C10 AC100 DSE201MC10AC100 Type AC 100mA 2CSR175092R2104 DS271 AC-B10/0.1 ELN
2CSR275051R2164 DSE201 M C16 AC100 DSE201MC16AC100 Type AC 100mA 2CSR175092R2164 DS271 AC-B16/0.1 ELN
2CSR275051R2204 DSE201 M C20 AC100 DSE201MC20AC100 Type AC 100mA 2CSR175092R2204 DS271 AC-B20/0.1 ELN
2CSR275051R2254 DSE201 M C25 AC100 DSE201MC25AC100 Type AC 100mA 2CSR175092R2254 DS271 AC-B25/0.1 ELN
2CSR275051R2324 DSE201 M C32 AC100 DSE201MC32AC100 Type AC 100mA 2CSR175092R2324 DS271 AC-B32/0.1 ELN
2CSR275051R2404 DSE201 M C40 AC100 DSE201MC40AC100 Type AC 100mA

2CSR275051R2504 DSE201 M C50 AC100 DSE201MC50AC100 Type AC 100mA

2CSR275051R3064 DSE201 M C6 AC300 DSE201MC6AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3064 DS271 AC-C6/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3104 DSE201 M C10 AC300 DSE201MC10AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3104 DS271 AC-C10/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3164 DSE201 M C16 AC300 DSE201MC16AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3164 DS271 AC-C16/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3204 DSE201 M C20 AC300 DSE201MC20AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3204 DS271 AC-C20/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3254 DSE201 M C25 AC300 DSE201MC25AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3254 DS271 AC-C25/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3324 DSE201 M C32 AC300 DSE201MC32AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3324 DS271 AC-C32/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3404 DSE201 M C40 AC300 DSE201MC40AC300 Type AC 300mA 2CSR175092R3404 DS271 AC-C40/0.3 ELN
2CSR275051R3504 DSE201 M C50 AC300 DSE201MC50AC300 Type AC 300mA

2CSR275151R2064 DSE201 M C6 A100 DSE201MC6A100 Type A 100mA 2CSR175192R2064 DS271 A-B6/0.1 ELN
2CSR275151R2104 DSE201 M C10 A100 DSE201MC10A100 Type A 100mA 2CSR175192R2104 DS271 A-B10/0.1 ELN
2CSR275151R2164 DSE201 M C16 A100 DSE201MC16A100 Type A 100mA 2CSR175192R2164 DS271 A-B16/0.1 ELN
2CSR275151R2204 DSE201 M C20 A100 DSE201MC20A100 Type A 100mA 2CSR175192R2204 DS271 A-B20/0.1 ELN
2CSR275151R2254 DSE201 M C25 A100 DSE201MC25A100 Type A 100mA 2CSR175192R2254 DS271 A-B25/0.1 ELN
2CSR275151R2324 DSE201 M C32 A100 DSE201MC32A100 Type A 100mA 2CSR175192R2324 DS271 A-B32/0.1 ELN
2CSR275151R2404 DSE201 M C40 A100 DSE201MC40A100 Type A 100mA

2CSR275151R2504 DSE201 M C50 A100 DSE201MC50A100 Type A 100mA

2CSR275151R3064 DSE201 M C6 A300 DSE201MC6A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3064 DS271 A-C6/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3104 DSE201 M C10 A300 DSE201MC10A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3104 DS271 A-C10/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3164 DSE201 M C16 A300 DSE201MC16A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3164 DS271 A-C16/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3204 DSE201 M C20 A300 DSE201MC20A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3204 DS271 A-C20/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3254 DSE201 M C25 A300 DSE201MC25A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3254 DS271 A-C25/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3324 DSE201 M C32 A300 DSE201MC32A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3324 DS271 A-C32/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3404 DSE201 M C40 A300 DSE201MC40A300 Type A 300mA 2CSR175192R3404 DS271 A-C40/0.3 ELN
2CSR275151R3504 DSE201 M C50 A300 DSE201MC50A300 Type A 300mA

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