ABB Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) F200 Series


The F200 Series residual current devices offer a wide range of product for all of your fault protection needs. RCDs assure protection to equipment against current leakage to earth.

A large offering for standard instantaneous and selective AC and A types.

All sizes up to 63 mA with sensitivity thresholds up to 1 A are offered in all possible pole configurations.

ABB RCDs carry many marks and approvals for the worldwide market.

Type AC

  • Suitable for alternating current
  • 2 & 4 poles
  • 16-125 A range
  • Can be used as a main device providing ground fault protection against earth
    leakage for several MCB branch devices
  • Click for the ABB F200 RCD’s PDF

Two Pole F362 & F662 Class AC

Current (A) 10mA 30mA Sensitivity 100mA 300mA
16 F202AC-16/0.01
25 F202AC-25/0.03 F202AC-25/0.1 202AC-25/0.3
40 F202AC-40/0.03 F202AC-40/0.1 F202AC-40/0.3
63 F202AC-63/0.03 F202AC-63/0.1 F202AC-63/0.3
80 F202AC-80/0.03 F202AC-80/0.1 F202AC-80/0.3
100 F202AC-100/0.03 F202AC-100/0.1 F202AC-100/0.3


Four Pole F364 & F664, Class AC

Current (A) 30mA Sensitivity 100mA 300mA
25 F204AC-25/0.03 F204AC-25/0.1 F204AC-25/0.3
40 F204AC-40/0.03 F204AC-40/0.1 F204AC-40/0.3
63 F204AC-63/0.03 F204AC-63/0.1 F204AC-63/0.3
80 F204AC-80/0.03 F204AC-80/0.1 F204AC-80/0.3
100 F204AC-100/0.03 F204AC-100/0.1 F204AC-100/0.3


Two Pole F202, Class A (pulsating DC sensitive)

Current (A) 30mA Sensitivity 100mA 300mA
25 F202A-25/0.03 F202A-25/0.01 F202A-25/0.3
40 F202A-40/0.03 F202A-40/0.01 F202A-40/0.3
63 F202A-63/0.03 F202A-63/0.01 F202A-63/0.3
63 time delayed F202AS-63/0.3


Four Pole F204 Class A (pulsating DC sensitive)

Current (A) 30mA Sensitivity 100mA 300mA
25 F204A-25/0.03 F204A-25/0.1 F204A-25/0.3
40 F204A-40/0.03 F204A-40/0.1 F204A-40/0.3
63 F204A-63/0.03 F204A-63/0.1 F204A-63/0.3
63 time delayed F204AS-63/0.1 F204AS-63/0.3


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