Danfoss EV310B 1.5-3.5B (EVIP) Valve

Danfoss EV310B 1.5-3.5B (EVIP) Solenoid ValveDanfoss 3/2 Way direct operated valves

  • For neutral liquids and gases such as water, oil and compressed air
  • Robust design
  • Available as normally open or normally closed
  • Available with manual override
  • Valve sizes from 1.5 to 3.5mm
  • Also available with flange (sub base) connection
  • NC version is also available in stainless steel
  • For further information, call Ray – CSE’s Danfoss Consultant on 023 8025 5757.
  • View Danfoss EV310B Technical Brochure

Technical Data

Pressure range : 0-20 bar
Ambient temperature : Max 40oC
Media temperature : -10 to +100oC
Materials : Valve body : Brass
O rings FKM
Valve plate : FKM
Coil enclosure : Up to IP 65

Ordering – normally closed valves without manual opening

End connection Kv Value (m3/h) Orifice (mm) Seals* Type Designation Code No. Differential pressure (bar) based on coil type BA max
Main type Specification without coil min 9 W a.c. 15 W d.c.
G 1/4 0.08 1.5 FKM EV310B1.5B G14FNC000 032U4903 0 20 20
G 1/4 0.15 2.0 FKM EV310B2.0B G14FNC000 032U4904 0 16 16
G 1/4 0.30 3.0 FKM EV310B3.0B G14FNC000 032U4905 0 7 7
G 1/4 0.40 3.5 FKM EV310B3.5B G14FNC000 032U4906 0 5 5

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