ABB Motor Protection and Control up to 18.5kW / 20hp

ABB Motor Protection and Control

A brand new family of manual motor starts, contactors, overload relays and softstarters from ABB. The new generation of first class specialised components features:

  • Harmonised design and colour
  • Compact and Modular
  • Low energy Consumption
  • Small number of parts
  • Minimum needs for accessories
  • Optimised wiring and configuration
  • High ratings and service capability
  • Increased application possibilities
  • Reliability proven over many years of experience

Simplicity for your design

ABB’s engineers have taken modularity and uniformity to the next level in terms of flexibility and practicality for your applications. They offer flexibility, increased application possibilities, exchangeability and reduced panel size.

Safety and Reliability

ABB Control Gear Kit

ABB’s new line of industrial motor control and protection devices has been developed in order to meet the main safety standards of the toughest industrial scenarios where high reliability and safety level are required.

Increased Availability for your equipment

Designing with simplicity in mind, our engineers have made it possible to integrate the entire family into just a few components. We offer you reduced inventory, greater exchangeability, to help you to have fewer mistakes and shortages and less downtime.

Large choice of starting solutions in kit form

Short-circuit and overload protection

  • Type 1 or type 2 coordination guaranteed with manual motor starters
  • Choice of thermal or electronic overload relays

Simple construction

  • All starters in 45 mm width module

Time / cost saving

  • Same frame size for AC or DC control supply
  • Easy, fast and secure assembly, fitting and wiring of components

ABB Direct On-Line and Reversing StartersDirect-on-line and reversing starters

  • Protection by manual motor starters or by fuses with overload relays
  • Reversing starters in 90 mm width including mechanical and electrical interlocking


Protection by manual motor starters or by fuses with overload relays

Star-delta starters

Standardised BusbarsProtection by fuses with overload relays

Standardized busbars and optimized interconnection accessories

  • Same 3-phase busbar and feeder range up to 100 A for manual motor starters
  • Direct 35 mm rail mounting: no additional mounting plate required
  • Complete range of connection links with manual motor starters and connection sets to build reversing and stardelta starters
  • Easy installation and dismounting of contactors: no unwiring of manual motor starters

Overload Relays

Protect Your Motors with Thermal or Electronic Overload Relays

  • One range of TF42 thermal overload relays, trip class 10
  • One range of EF19 and EF45 electronic overload relays up to 45 A, 7 setting ranges, trip class 10E, 20E, 30E
  • Adjustable current setting ranges
  • Overload protection with phase loss sensitivity
    • – up to +60 °C for thermal overload relays
    • – up to +70 °C for electronic overload relays
  • Automatic or manual reset, sealable
  • Stop and test function

Interlocking Containers

Interlock your reversing contactors quickly in 90 mm width:

  • Easy with VM4 mechanical interlock unit
  • Simple with VEM4 set including mechanical interlock unit and electrical interlock block with A2-A2 connection
  • 50% wiring cost savings in one click!

Fixing the electrical interlock block to the contactor front face
connects the 2 built-in N.C. interlocking contacts with the two coil supplies


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