ABB PSTX Softstarters

The PSTX combines many years of research and product development with extensive knowledge of application specific requirements and needs. It is the latest advancement in motor control and protection and adds new functionality and increased reliability.  

• Three-phase controlled
• Operational voltage: 208 – 690 VAC
• Wide rated control supply voltage: 100 – 250 V, 50/60 Hz
• PSTX rated operational current: 30 to 1250 A (inside-delta: 2160 A)
• Both in-line and inside-delta connection
• Coated circuit boards protecting from dust, moist and corrosive atmosphere
• Detachable keypad rated IP66 (Type 1, 4X,12)
• Graphical display with 15 languages for easy setup and operation
• Built-in bypass for energy saving and easy installation
• Built-in Modbus RTU for monitoring and control
• Support for all major communication protocols
• Analog output for measurement of current, voltage, power factor etc.


Complete motor protection

The PSTX offers complete motor protection in only one unit and is able to handle both load and network irregularities. PT-100, earth fault protection and over/under voltage protection along with many other functions keep your motor safer than ever.


Three types of current limit

PSTX offers three types of current limit: standard, dual and ramp. This gives you full control of your motor during start. It also allows you to use your motor in weaker networks.


Built-in bypass saves time and energy

When reaching full speed, the PSTX will activate its bypass. This saves energy while reducing the softstarter’s heat generation. On the PSTX, the bypass is built in and verified by ABB, saving you time during installationand space in your panel.


Easy-to-use and detachable keypad

A user-friendly and clear display saves you time and resources during both setup and operation. The detachable keypad is standard on all PSTX softstarters.


Complete control of pumps

Time to use your processes to their full potential. The PSTX features many application enhancing features, including torque control: the most efficient way to start and stop pumps. The pump cleaning feature can reverse pump flow and clean out pipes, securing uptime of your pump system.


Jog with slow speed

The slow speed forward and backward jog feature will make you more flexible when operating e.g. conveyor belts and cranes. The PSTX provides positioning capabilities, letting you take control of your process.


Rated operational voltage, Ue, 208 – 600 V AC
Rated control supply voltage, Us, 100 – 250 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Motor power
400 V Pe
Max rated operational current Ie
Type Order code Weight kg
1 piece
15 30 PSTX30-600-70 1SFA898103R7000 6.10
18.5 37 PSTX37-600-70 1SFA898104R7000 6.10
22 45 PSTX45-600-70 1SFA898105R7000 6.10
30 60 PSTX60-600-70 1SFA898106R7000 6.10
37 72 PSTX72-600-70 1SFA898107R7000 6.10
45 85 PSTX85-600-70 1SFA898108R7000 6.10
55 106 PSTX105-600-70 1SFA898109R7000 6.10
75 143 PSTX142-600-70 1SFA898110R7000 9.60
90 171 PSTX170-600-70 1SFA898111R7000 9.60
110 210 PSTX210-600-70 1SFA898112R7000 12.70
132 250 PSTX250-600-70 1SFA898113R7000 12.70
160 300 PSTX300-600-70 1SFA898114R7000 12.70
200 370 PSTX370-600-70 1SFA898115R7000 12.70
250 470 PSTX470-600-70 1SFA898116R7000 25.00
315 570 PSTX570-600-70 1SFA898117R7000 25.00
400 720 PSTX720-600-70 1SFA898118R7000 46.20
450 840 PSTX840-600-70 1SFA898119R7000 46.20
560 1050 PSTX1050-600-70 1SFA898120R7000 64.20
710 1200 PSTX1250-600-70 1SFC898121R7000 64.70


Please call the sales team to discuss your individual requirement.

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