ABB Softstarters – Range Overview

ABB Softstarters RangeABB PSR – The Compact Range

The ABB PSR softstarter is the most compact of all the softstarter ranges, thereby making it possible to design compact starting equipments. The system concept with Manual Motor Starters and the PSR provides a far more compact starting solution than for instance a star delta starter.

Built-in by-pass reduces the energy loss and makes the connection easier and with only three potentiometers, the set-up couldn’t be any easier. Still, the optimized ramping characteristics will ensure a very smooth start and stop for all applications.

ABB PSS – The Flexible Range

The ABB PSS softstarter allows both in line and inside delta connection making it a very flexible option. Just as on the PSR softstarter, the few settings make the set-up very easy. Connecting an external current transformer makes it possible to activate the current limit function, which will allow you to keep the current at a pre-set level also when starting heavy duty applications. The PSS softstarter is the ideal solution when looking for a robust solid state starting solution where many starts per hour are required.

ABB PSE – The Efficient Range

The PSE softstarter is the world’s first compact softstarter with both built-in electronic overload for motor protection and torque control for an excellent control of pumps. The compact design with the most important functionality integrated provides a very efficient starting solution.

The illuminated language neutral display and the four button keypad make it easy to take advantage of all the advanced functionality in the softstarter. The display will also provide all the necessary information both during ramping and continuous operation.

PST (B) – The Advanced Range

The PST(B) softstarter is the most advanced softstarter in the range with almost all imaginable functionality included. All the advanced protections for the motor, the softstarter and the load ensure a trouble free operation. Pre-warnings even allow problems to be detected before the motor needs to be stopped and thereby avoiding unnecessary downtime.

The torque control function has been developed and tested together with well known pump manufacturers to ensure the absolutely best possible stop of pumps without water hammering and pressure surges.

With the full text LCD display in your own language, pre-programmed application settings and event logging, it couldn’t be easier to set-up and operate.

By using the ABB FieldBusPlug, you can decide at any time which bus protocol to use. The fieldbus system will allow you to set-up, control and monitor the softstarter.

Built-in by-pass 1) on PSTB Bullet Bullet Bullet1)
Inside delta connection Bullet Bullet
Coated PCBs Bullet o
Display and keypad Bullet Bullet
Torque control Bullet Bullet
Settable current limit function o Bullet Bullet
Electronic motor overload protection Bullet Bullet
PTC input for motor protection Bullet
Phase imbalance protection Bullet
Phase reversal protection Bullet
Locked rotor protection Bullet Bullet
Thyristor overtemperature protection Bullet Bullet Bullet
Underload protection Bullet Bullet
Programmable warning functions Bullet
Analogue output Bullet Bullet
FieldBus communication o o Bullet
Event log o Bullet
External keypad o o
BulletStandard – Not Available o Optional


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