Nexans Handling Cable Compounds

Nexans CablesThe selection of the correct compound assume the detailed analysis of the application where the cable is used.

In the case of flexible, movable applications such as in cranes the compounds for insulation, semiconductive layer, outer and inner sheaths are chosen by Nexans for several factors as high mechanical properties, chemical resistance and thermal requirements.

Nexans is familiar with the high performance requirements in flexible applications combined with high mechanical stress. Due to this, Nexans especially uses in our RHEYFIRM®(RTS) only highgrade rubber insulation such as RHEYCLEAN®-HV.

This special compound, manufactured in several versions allows to reduce wall-thickness for the different voltage rates from 6 to 30 kV. We generally use compounds that exceed required standards like VDE.

In our product range RHEYFIRM®(RTS) and RHEYCORD®(RTS) we only use the compound 5GM5 instead of 5GM3. This high grade compound has a much higher tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance than the more commonly used compound 5GM3.

Additional advantages of this special outer sheath compound are high flame retardancy properties, ozone, weather and ageing resistance. Furthermore it has excellent elastic behaviour even in low temperatures.

NEXANS distinguish compounds between Thermoplastics and Elastomers. Both compounds are used for insulation, inner and outer sheaths. The graph and table on the following pages give a short introduction to compound and explain the typical and most important characteristics from several materials used in Nexans handling



Compounds Terms Thermal Properties
Abbreviation VDE Designation Chemical Designation Ambient Temperature (mobile operation (oC) Weather Resistant Flame Retardant Behaviour in case of fire
Thermoplastics PUR 11Y Polyurethane -55 +80 +++ flammable
TPE-E 13Y Polyester -100 + 130 used only for insulation flammable
PVC Y Polyvinyl chloride -25 +70 ++ ++ self extinguish
Elastomers XLPE cross-linked polyethylene -50 +90 used only for insulation flammable
CR / PCP 5G Polychloroprene -40 + 100 +++ +++ self extinguish
EPR 3G Ethylene-Propylene Rubber -30 +90 used only for insulation + –
EVA 4G Ethylene -vinylacetate -30 +125 used only for semi-conductive layer
Compounds Terms Chemical Properties Mechanical Properties
Abbreviation Chemical Resistance (oil, grease, fuel, solvent) Halogen Free Water Absorption (%) Flexibility Abrasion Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Elongation at break (%) Shore (A)
Thermoplastics PUR +++ Yes 0.5 ++ +++ 35-50 550-650 80
TPE-E ++ Yes 0.5 ++ Used only for insulation
PVC ++ No 0.4 +++ + – 12.5 – 25 130 – 150 70-95
Elastomers XLPE + Yes 0.7 + – + 15 – 18 300 – 450 +
CR / PCP +++ No 1.0 +++ ++ 19 550 – 750 70
EPR + Yes 0.1 +++ use only for insulation
EVA used only for semi-conductive layer

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