CW 1128 / 1198 Telephone Cable

CW 1128 / 1198 Telephone Cable

CW1128 External Cable

Solid plain annealed copper conductors, Cel-PE (cellular polyethylene) insulated, PJF-petroleum jelly filled, polyethylene sheath. Black.

Technical Information

Sheath Colour: Black
Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x Ø
Maximum Conductor Resistance at 20oC: 91/ohm/km
Minimum Insulation Resistance at 20oC megaohms/km: 1500
Average Mutual Capacitance nanoFarads/km: 56 (n/a to screened versions)
Diameter of Conductor - mm: 0.5
Size of Conductor - mm2: 0.2
Radial Thickness of Insulation - mm: 0.2
Nominal Diameter of Core - mm: 0.9
Operating Temperature: Maximum: 40oC*

Minimum Bending: 0oC

*Max continuous temperature of standard jelly compound

Number of pairs Conductor diameter O/D (mm) Weight (kg/km)
2 0.5 6.8
5 0.5 6.8
10 0.5 8.3
20 0.5 12.5
50 0.5 15.5
100 0.5 20.3

CW1128/1198 Telephone Cable

Cable Application

For Interconnecting telephone equipment externally. CW1128/1198 external armoured cable may be used. It is UV and moisture resistant and can also be used for direct burial. Available from 5 pairs to 100 pairs. Also available with 0.9mm conductors. Solid plain annealed copper conductors 1/0.9, cellular polyethylene insulated, PJF - petroleum jelly filled, collective aluminium/mylar tape screen, polyethylene bedding, galvanized steel wire armour, PVC outer sheath. Black to BS3573 and CW1128/1198. Flame Propagation to BS4066 PTI and IEC 332PTI.

Number of pairs Conductor diameter O/Dmm Weight kg/km
5 0.63 16.7
10 0.63 19.9
20 0.63 24.8
50 0.63 34.5

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