DMX Cable

DMX Cable Black Sheath

The DMX Cable is used extensively in theatres and event productions as a two way cable to control lighting, speakers and other stage performance requirements.

DMX Type 1 Pair Red / Black 2 Pair Black
Test Standard: UL1581
Conductor Material: Stranded Tinned Copper
Conductor Nominal O.D. (mm) 0.20 x 16 (±0.008)
Insulation Material: FPE
Insulation Diameter: 1.80 (±0.13)mm2 1.80 (±0.13)mm2 x 2
Core Colours: Red, Black Red / Black and Green / White
Filler Colour: White N/A
Mylar Colour: Transparent
Drain Material: Stranded Tinned Copper
Drain Nominal O.D. (mm) 0.20 x 16 (±0.008)
Shield Material: Aluminium Foil
Shield Colour: Blue
Jacket / Sheath External O.D.: 5.30 (±0.20) mm 7.5 (±0.30)mm
Jacket / Sheath Surface: Clean, Smooth
Jacket / Sheath Material: LSF
Jacket / Sheath Colour: Red or Black Black

Electrical Properties

Conductor DC Resistance at 20°C: <4.11Ω/100m
Minimum DC Resistance Insulation at 20°C: >200MΩ/100m
Voltage Rating: 500V
Rated Temperature: 80°C
Impedance: 110 ohms

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