Belden 1053A Multi-Conductor Tray Cable

Belden 1053A Multi-Conductor Tray Cable

The Belden 1053A multi conductor 600V Tray Cable with Beldfoil® inner shield.

Cable Construction

Number of Pairs: 24
AWG: 18
Stranding: 7 x 26
Conductor Material: Bare Copper
Insulation Material: Polyvinyl Chloride / Nylon (PVC / Nylon)
Inner Shield Material: Beldfoil Aluminium Foil Polyester Tape
Inner Shield Coverage: 10%
Inner Shield Drain Wire AWG: 20
Inner Shield Drain Wire Stranding: 7 x 28
Inner Shield Drain Wire Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
Outer Shield Material: Aluminium Foil Polyester Tape
Outer Shield Material Coverage: 100%
Outer Shield Drain Wire AWG: 18
Outer Shield Drain Wire Stranding: 7 x 26
Outer Shield Drain Wire Material: Tinned Copper
Outer Jacket Material: PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
Outer Jacket Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.084"
Outer Jacket Ripcord: Yes
Overall Cabling Lay Length & Direction: 13.8"
Overall Nominal diameter: 1.115"
Pair Lay Length 2.5"
Pair Lay Twists / ft 4.8
Pair Colour Code Black & White, Numbered

Mechanical Characteristics

Wet Temperature Range: -30°C To +75°C
Dry Temperature Range: -30°C To +90°C
Bulk Cable Weight : 293kg/305m
Max Recommended Pulling Tension: 650kb
Min Bending Radius (install) / Minor Axis: 282mm

Electrical Characteristics (Overall)

Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: 45 pF/ft
Nominal Conductor DC Resistance: 5.86 (Ohm/305m)
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance DCR @ 20°C: 3.8 (Ohm/305m)
Ind. Pair Nominal Shield DC Resistance @ 20°C: 7.460 (Ohm/305m)
Max. Operating Voltage (UL): 600 V RMS (NEC Type TC)

150 V RMS (NPLF)
Max. Recommended Current: 3 Amps per conductor @ 25°C

Belden 1053A Standards

Order No. Length (m) Shipping Weight (Kg) Colour Notes Item Description
1053A 0102500 762 865 Black C Z 18/24 PR VNTC IS/OS 600V
1053A 0105000 1524 1744 Black C Z 18/24 PR VNTC IS/OS 600V

C = Crate Reel Length
Z = Final Reel Length May Vary ±10% For spools or reels and ±5% for unreel cartons from length shown.

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