Belden 1694ANH FRNC Video Cable

The Belden 1694ANH FRNC coaxial cable is a low smoke zero halogen precision video data cable used in critical analogue and digital video circuits for high quality applications such as live broadcast (HDTV / SDI) in network studios and pre or post production facilities.

Cable Construction

Inner Conductor Material: Solid bare copper
Conductor Diameter: 1.0mm (18 AWG)
RG Type: 6/U
Dielectric Material: Gas injected HDPE
Dielectric Diameter over Insulation: 4.57mm
Outer Conductor Material: Foil + braid
Outer Conductor Diameter Screen: 5.4mm
Shielding Foil Coverage: 100% Duofoil ®
Shielding Braid Coverage: 95% tinned copper braid
Jacket Material: FRNC (LSNH)
Jacket Diameter: 6.9 ± 0.2mm
Flame Resistance: CEI 20-22 III (acc. EN50266-2-4,IEC 60332-3-24 cat.C)
CEI 20-37/2/5/7 (acc. EN50267-2-1, 50268-2, NES 713)
Cable Markings: Black : BELDEN 1694ANH FRNC CEI 20-22III CEI 20-37/2/5/7

Electrical Properties

Mean impedance: 75 ± 1.5Ω
Nominal capacitance conductor to shield: 53 pF/m
Nominal velocity of propagation: 82%
Nominal Delay: 4.068 ns/m
Nominal Inner Conductor DC Resistance: 21 Ω/km at 20°C
Nominal Outer Conductor DC Resistance: 9 Ω/km at 20°C
Return loss at : 5 to 850 MHZ: ≥23dB
851 to 3000 MHz: ≥21dB

MHz dB/100m MHz dB/100m
1 0.8 360 11.2
3.58 1.4 540 13.9
5 2.3 720 16.2
71.5 5.2 1500 24.0
135 6.9 2250 29.9
270 9.7 3000 35.0

Mechanical Properties

Temperature Range (storage / operation): -30°C to + 70°C
Temperature Range (installation): -5°C to + 70°C
Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x Ø cable
Nominal Cable Weight: 59.6 kg/km

Cable Ordering

The cable comes on 305m reels. Please contact us for more information.

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