Belden 8760LS LSNH cable

The Belden 8760LS is an 18 AWG (16 x 30) Tinned copper, Pre Insulated, 1 twisted pair, Beldfoil Aluminium-Polyester shield with Z-fold, 20 AWG (7 x 28) tinned copper drainwire, LSNH inner jacket, galvanished steel wire armour, low smoke zero halogen outer sheath.

Mechanical Properties

Nominal Insulation Thickness: 0.41mm
Nominal Diameter over Insulation: 2.08mm
Nominal Inner Jacket Thickness: 0.89mm
Nominal Inner Jacket Diameter: 6.0mm
Armour wire size: 0.9mm
Nominal Lay Length (10-12 PCD): 78mm
Nominal Outer Jacket Thickness: 1.30mm
Nominal Outer Diameter: 10.4mm
Temperature rating: -15 to +80°C
Insulation material: PE
Inner jacket material: LSNH (Chrome RAL 7037)
Outer jacket material (colour): LSNH (Black)
Type shield and % coverage: Aluminium-polyester 100%
Maximum pulling tension: *N
Minimum Bend Radius: 160mm
Specifications: BS 7655 Section 6.1 Table 1 LTS 3
Flame resistance: IEC 332-3-C

Electrical Properties

Maximum Operating Voltage: 300 V Rms
Maximum continuous current per conductor @ 25°C: 5.2A
Nominal capacitance between conductors of a pair @ 1 kHz: 79 nF/km
Nominal capacitance conductor to shield @ 1 kHz: 144 nF/km
Nominal conductor DC resistance @ 20°C: 22.7 Ohm/km
Nom. shield DC resistance @ 20°C: 43 Ohm/km
Velocity of Propagation: 66%

Instrumentation and computer cables for data transmission applications (Label contains CE marking)

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