Belden 3076ENH Data Cable

The Belden 3076ENH is a data cable suitable for instrumentation and computer cabling for data transmission applications.

Cable Construction

Conductor: 18 AWG (7 x 26 AWG)
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper Wire
Insulation Material: Polyolefin
Nominal Insulation Thickness: 0.67mm
Insulation Diameter over Insulation: 2.55 ± 0.05 mm
Insulation Colour: Black and White
Foil Material: Aluminium / Polyester
Foil Thickness: 9 / 23 μm
Drainwire: 20 AWG (7x28AWG) tinned copper wire
Sheath Material: FRNC (UV Stabilised)
Nominal Sheath Thickness: 1.15mm
Nominal Diameter over Sheath: 7.5mm
Sheath Colour: Orange (3352) / Blue (3353)

Electrical Properties

Maximum Operating Voltage 300 V rms
Maximum Capacitance between conductors of a pair @ 1kHz 80 nF/km
Maximum capacitance cond. to other cond. and shield @ 1 kHz 155 nF/km
Maximum conductor DC-resistance @ 20°C 20.5 Ω/km
Maximum shield DC-resistance @ 20°C 26.0 Ω/km
Nominal velocity of propagation 66%
Impedance @ 31.25 kHz 100 +/- 5 Ω
Maximum Attenuation @10kHz 0.4 dB/100m
@39kHz 0.5 dB/100m
@100kHz 0.8 dB/100m
@1MHz 3.2 dB/100m

Mechanical Properties

Flame Resistance: IEC 60332-3C
Oil Resistance: ASTMD741
Radiation Resistance: IEC544 (CERN)
Application specification: BS 7655 section 6.1 table 1, LTS 3
Temperature range installing -15 to +80 °C
Temperature range operating (moving installation) -15 to +80 °C
Temperature range operating (fixed installation) -45 to +80 °C
Temperature range storage -45 to +80 °C
Minimum bending radius 100 mm
Maximum pulling tension 50 N

Cable Ordering

Choice of 500m or 1000m cable reels. The reels are non-returnable.

To order, please contact the sales team.

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