Belden Cable – Shielding Overview

The evolution of technology maintains steady demand for sophisticated cable shielding. Belden COT meets that demand with innovative shielding and shield effectiveness testing methods to supply you with high quality, dependable cable. With the creation of trademarked shield designs and patented test methods, Belden COT has earned a reputation for innovation and leadership that is unequalled in the wire and cable industry. In addition, Belden COT offers the broadest line of shielded multi-conductor, coaxial and flat cable in the industry.

Belden Foil Shield Configurations

Foil Shield configurations without shorting folds
Several unique Belden COT innovations are utilized across a wide range of shielding applications:

Foil Shield with Shorting Fold

Foil shield configuration with shorting fold


The first aluminium / polyester foil developed for use as a cable shield. Provides 100% shield coverage for optimum protection.


Consists of an aluminium - polyester - aluminium laminate wrapped around the cable's dielectric core. Provides 100% physical coverage, and improves shield reliability and flex life. Belden COT also utilizes a number of innovative techniques to apply shielding to multi-conductor and paired cables

"French Braid" Shields

Belden COT's patented "French Braid" shield is a double spiral (double serve bare copper shield) with the two spirals tied together by one weave.

Shorting Fold

Belden COT uses a shorting fold technique to maintain metal-to-metal contact for improved high frequency performance. Without the shorting fold, a slot is created through which signals can leak and cause interference. (See Figures 1 and 2 above.)


Belden COT improves on the traditional shorting fold by employing a Z -Fold designed for use in multi-pair applications to reduce crosstalk. The Z-Fold combines an isolation and a shorting fold. The shorting fold provides metal-to-meta contact while the isolation fold keeps shields from shorting to one another multi-pair, individually shielded cable. The use of either a shorting fold or a Z-Fold increases the foil shield's range of effectiveness to higher frequencies.

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